Day 21

Sorry for not updating so long. I just came back from Korea last week actually. Going holiday, for me, is the best time for my diet because I don’t think about food when I am on Holiday. I am fine with just breakfast. Ha-Ha.

I checked my weight and guess what?? I lost 4KG on Day 17. What helps me is Korea. In Korea, taking the subway is all about stairs. And that is my form of exercise. And with only having breakfast and dinner, it double helps. I still took my Panbesy and vitamin D when I am in Korea but I stop taking the Garba Slim when I am there because it requires you to go toilet few times in a day so it is kind of tedious if you are on Holiday.

I am so happy. I have reached the target that the doctor gave me. I am supposed to lose 4kg within a month but I manage it in just 17 days. I have not checked my weight now at Day 21 and I have decided not to until Day 30. Hopefully, the weight remains off.

Weight: 73 kg


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