Day 7

Today marked 1 week of my journey. I am still at work so I can’t check my weight right now. Will do so later and update.

What has changed for the past 1 week?

My appetites have changed tremendously. I did not have high craving to munch anymore. I ate my lunch (reduce it so ¼ of what I usually eat) and light dinner before 6. That is all. I don’t feel hungry at all actually after lunch but just to keep my balance diet, I make myself a light dinner. Last 2 days, I found myself stop eating at 1800 hrs sharp with no craving at all. I am not sure if this will be prolong  tho. But if I ever feel like munching after 1800 hrs, according to my doctor, I have to eat chocolate to curb the craving of munching.

I have to say that I feel lighter now compared to before.

Ouh, I bought the Far Infrared Body Wrap Fat Burning Beauty Care Slimming Belt as well. It is like the hot blanket  in the slimming center. But this is a mini version just for the abdominal fats. It really works. I was sweating after using it for 30mins or more. I guess, I will make a point to use it once per day and hopefully it helps as well.