Day 3

Today marked my day 3 into this journey. The pills work in controlling my craving. I don’t feel hungry at all. For breakfast, I will take 2 Nutella Sandwich. Lunch I will eat at least 3 pieces of Digestive biscuit and 1 hot Milo. I stop my sweet drinks already and now I am drinking just plain water.

I have not checked my weight yet. I am scare and anxious to do that. What if instead of losing, I am gaining? I have not felt any lightness yet in myself. I always feel big and ballooned. I am feeling so pressure right now. What if this does not work? What if I cannot lose weight?

I am following the doctor advice in terms of dieting and consuming these pills. No food after 6pm and I am already did that. I have already bought for myself the 2000IU of Vitamin D supplement. Waiting for it to arrive and really cannot wait to start trying that as well to boost my metabolism.

Right now every time I walked pass any mirror, I feel so dejected. Every time I see that beautiful dress, I feel so depressed. Even right now, while typing this journey, I am feeling blue. I am going to check my weight after a week. Hopefully I can see an improvement.


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