Day 1

I just feel like noting down this step that I took. I know ppl will said that exercise is the best method of losing weight. But I have tried exercise and dieting and nth works. I even tried not eating completely for a month and yet my weight is still the same. Maybe I was doing everything wrong.

Today I went to this doctor for consultation and help. It seems that my metabolism is super-duper slow that evens it I eat just a single slice of cake my weight will increase permanently. I am lacking of vitamin-D3 as well. The doc did mention that vitamin d3 can help makes my metabolism working faster. The cost of the V-D3 jab is around USD290. That is freaking expensive to me. I decided to put that on hold first and decided to buy V-D3 at pharmacy store. The 2000IU tablets! Not sure if it works but am going to give it a shot.

The doc gave me tips on my diet and he prescribed me 3 pills of 15mg panbesy for the first 3 days and followed by 30mg panbesy for the next 1 month and to be eaten together with 1 month supply of Garba Slim fat burner as well. The total I spent today will be USD 108.

I ate one 15mg panbesy straight away in the morning after the doctor and 2 pills of Garba Slim at 7pm just now. So far no side effects which is good. And the best thing is I don’t feel any craving to chew or munch. That is awesome. Hopefully I can see some different in a month time.

I know some will said that being on pills is not healthy and the weight will bounce back but I am at my wits end. The amount of weight I gained even by diet is unbelievable. I do walking and zumba and yet no results. Maybe this will be a start for me. Of course the pills will be not be prolonged. And I have already changed my diet again to follow what the doc said and I am still doing cardio and zumba. So this is just an extra step to help me. I really hope I can lose weight every single month even if it is just a few pounds monthly.

Weight: 170 pounds

Height: 5.2 feets