Day 21

Sorry for not updating so long. I just came back from Korea last week actually. Going holiday, for me, is the best time for my diet because I don’t think about food when I am on Holiday. I am fine with just breakfast. Ha-Ha.

I checked my weight and guess what?? I lost 4KG on Day 17. What helps me is Korea. In Korea, taking the subway is all about stairs. And that is my form of exercise. And with only having breakfast and dinner, it double helps. I still took my Panbesy and vitamin D when I am in Korea but I stop taking the Garba Slim when I am there because it requires you to go toilet few times in a day so it is kind of tedious if you are on Holiday.

I am so happy. I have reached the target that the doctor gave me. I am supposed to lose 4kg within a month but I manage it in just 17 days. I have not checked my weight now at Day 21 and I have decided not to until Day 30. Hopefully, the weight remains off.

Weight: 73 kg

Day 7

Today marked 1 week of my journey. I am still at work so I can’t check my weight right now. Will do so later and update.

What has changed for the past 1 week?

My appetites have changed tremendously. I did not have high craving to munch anymore. I ate my lunch (reduce it so ¼ of what I usually eat) and light dinner before 6. That is all. I don’t feel hungry at all actually after lunch but just to keep my balance diet, I make myself a light dinner. Last 2 days, I found myself stop eating at 1800 hrs sharp with no craving at all. I am not sure if this will be prolong  tho. But if I ever feel like munching after 1800 hrs, according to my doctor, I have to eat chocolate to curb the craving of munching.

I have to say that I feel lighter now compared to before.

Ouh, I bought the Far Infrared Body Wrap Fat Burning Beauty Care Slimming Belt as well. It is like the hot blanket  in the slimming center. But this is a mini version just for the abdominal fats. It really works. I was sweating after using it for 30mins or more. I guess, I will make a point to use it once per day and hopefully it helps as well.

Day 4

Reached home and found my Vitamin D3 in my room. Yay. Thank you Lazada for the delivery. Bought my D3 over on Lazada and I have been waiting eagerly for it to arrive and finally today it arrived.

Without wasting anymore time, I quickly pop in 1 pill of Vitamin D3 as stated at the back of the bottle. Now I really hope this will boost my metabolism to burn more fats.

Day 3

Today marked my day 3 into this journey. The pills work in controlling my craving. I don’t feel hungry at all. For breakfast, I will take 2 Nutella Sandwich. Lunch I will eat at least 3 pieces of Digestive biscuit and 1 hot Milo. I stop my sweet drinks already and now I am drinking just plain water.

I have not checked my weight yet. I am scare and anxious to do that. What if instead of losing, I am gaining? I have not felt any lightness yet in myself. I always feel big and ballooned. I am feeling so pressure right now. What if this does not work? What if I cannot lose weight?

I am following the doctor advice in terms of dieting and consuming these pills. No food after 6pm and I am already did that. I have already bought for myself the 2000IU of Vitamin D supplement. Waiting for it to arrive and really cannot wait to start trying that as well to boost my metabolism.

Right now every time I walked pass any mirror, I feel so dejected. Every time I see that beautiful dress, I feel so depressed. Even right now, while typing this journey, I am feeling blue. I am going to check my weight after a week. Hopefully I can see an improvement.

Day 1

I just feel like noting down this step that I took. I know ppl will said that exercise is the best method of losing weight. But I have tried exercise and dieting and nth works. I even tried not eating completely for a month and yet my weight is still the same. Maybe I was doing everything wrong.

Today I went to this doctor for consultation and help. It seems that my metabolism is super-duper slow that evens it I eat just a single slice of cake my weight will increase permanently. I am lacking of vitamin-D3 as well. The doc did mention that vitamin d3 can help makes my metabolism working faster. The cost of the V-D3 jab is around USD290. That is freaking expensive to me. I decided to put that on hold first and decided to buy V-D3 at pharmacy store. The 2000IU tablets! Not sure if it works but am going to give it a shot.

The doc gave me tips on my diet and he prescribed me 3 pills of 15mg panbesy for the first 3 days and followed by 30mg panbesy for the next 1 month and to be eaten together with 1 month supply of Garba Slim fat burner as well. The total I spent today will be USD 108.

I ate one 15mg panbesy straight away in the morning after the doctor and 2 pills of Garba Slim at 7pm just now. So far no side effects which is good. And the best thing is I don’t feel any craving to chew or munch. That is awesome. Hopefully I can see some different in a month time.

I know some will said that being on pills is not healthy and the weight will bounce back but I am at my wits end. The amount of weight I gained even by diet is unbelievable. I do walking and zumba and yet no results. Maybe this will be a start for me. Of course the pills will be not be prolonged. And I have already changed my diet again to follow what the doc said and I am still doing cardio and zumba. So this is just an extra step to help me. I really hope I can lose weight every single month even if it is just a few pounds monthly.

Weight: 170 pounds

Height: 5.2 feets